Step 1:

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Brush the hair and make sure it’s all straight. 

 Step 2:

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Grab a chunk of your hair from the front, bring it towards the back of your head and divide it into 3 pieces.
 Step 3:
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Bring the bottom piece over the middle piece, and then the top piece over the middle piece (like starting a regular braid).
 Step 4:
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Grab another piece of your hair from the top and add it to the top piece of your braid. 
Step 5:
Bring the top piece (the one you added to) over the middle piece.
Step 6:
Grasp the bottom piece with your pinky. 
Step 7:
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Drop the piece you have on your pinky, and get another piece from the bottom (to replace it).
 Step 8:
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Bring the new piece over the middle piece.
 Step 9:
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Continue doing this until you get halfway around your head and pin with a bobby pin.
Step 10:

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Do the other side, and now you’re done. 

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