What you need:

1/2 yard of 2 fabrics, each one wider than 35 inches

Matching thread

1 yard or ribbon or other strong material for a strap

2 inches of velcro or similar  closure material


How to make it: (All seams should be 5/8 of an inch)

On a large piece of of paper draw a 7inch by 35 inch rectangle and a 6 inch by 11 inch rectangle.

Pin the rectangles to the fabric and cut

Cut one 7 x 35 inxh rectangle from each fabric and two 6 by 11 inch rectangles from each fabric.

Fold Each long piece so that you have a J or a backwards J (Depending how you look at it) that are so that the the sides it forms are 11 inches, 6 inches and 18 inches

Pin the small rectangles, right sides together into the folds so that there is a 7 inch flap at one end of each big piece and sew. Repeat on the other side of rectangle so that the same piece is the flap. Repeat on the second fabric and sew.

Pin the strap to the bag that you want to be the outside so that the edges touch. Make sure the strap is smooth and on the inside of the bag

Turn the second fabric right side out so that the right sides of each “bag” are together and all of the edges meet.

Sew, leaving an opening at the top.

Turn the bags right side out.

Pin the opening closed and sew.

Place the velcro on the bag so that it closes.

Now you have a lunch bag you can use every day at school. It’s washable too!