Cluster of Dead Dlowers IMG_3396 chaya's camera 027


It’s that time of year that you wish the flowers looked more lively! I personally like living flowers better, but the dead flowers pictured above give that essential, scary night look. It was taken outside, and of course I used the flash.

The next two photos are more fresh looking, and have that calming effect. Daisies naturally look beautiful, as well as the vanilla colored flowers that look toasted at the edges.

Which one’s your favorite? Comment in the box below :)

If you are taking the picture in the day, the sunlight will light up your picture, so turn off the flash. Be careful that the flower doesn’t get stage fright. It’s a big problem nowadays. Go grab your camera, and have fun experimenting!


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FOTW: You’ll never believe it but….. (drum roll) broccoli is actually a flower!