What a funky combo! This morning was definitely a fun one- especially since we were off school, it was a snow day. I’m sure a lot of you readers also got snow days due to the weather.

My sister made some heavenly waffles (she’s the cook around here, not me!) and I painted rocks. One was shaped like a triangle, so I automatically thought of Purim, (Jewish holiday in the month of Adar) and Haman (the wicked man who plotted to kill the Jews in the story of Purim). On another one, I painted purple and green stripes, and on the last one, I decided to make a miniature replica of a sunset and a lake.

Snow is fun…until you forget you don’t have gloves on. I was a bit surprised to see my gloves not on my hands, (not that they automatically appear on my hands) but I was also surprised to see that these yellow leaves are still growing in the freezing cold! Pretty awesome, huh?

FOTW: International Waffle Day is March 25th. That’s coming up soon, get those waffles cooking!