Hi everyone,

At YALDAH, we try to reach out to all Jewish girls and there’s a special program, The Friendship Circle, that reaches out to and works with Jewish children with special needs. Three-time Editorial Board member, Rebecca Berlin, is the president of the Friendship Circle in her area and she brought to my attention that FC is now in the running to win $1 million! I want to urge all of you to vote to support this charity in this amazing opportunity. Visit www.votefc.com for all the information on the contest and how to vote today.

At YALDAH, we’re starting work with the new Editorial Board in a few days and we have the Summer 2010 issue all mapped out. We’re also finishing up the Spring 2010 issue and getting it ready for print soon.

Here’s my question for you, for today (two questions, actually)… what is your favorite section in YALDAH and why? If you could cut any section, which one would go and why?

Talk to you soon,