Malkie shared this poem with us in honor of her birthday…


This poem was written about Chana from the Bible, and how she had been yearning for a child.  She was praying so hard, and her mouth moving with each word. When one of the high priests noticed Chana, he thought she was drunk. Chana replied to him explaining that she wasn’t drunk, but that she had been intensely praying for a child, from deep within her soul.  When the high priest heard this, he immediately apologized and blessed her that her prayer may go  from her mouth to God’s ears.


She prayed with all her heart and soul

All her prayers kept her bold

She prayed with so much kavanah

And it brought her nechama  

Which shined onto God’s grace

She always carried on in her faith

Fulfilling her purpose with God’s glory shining through her eyes

Her prayers opened the heavenly skies

She never let anyone take her down

And she turned that frown upside-down

When she was told her prayer would come to life

It took away all her fright

And then her prayers came to light