Hey everyone!

So you probably read the title and are thinking, this girl is crazy. That’s the biggest contradiction I ever heard in my life!

Well, it is and it isn’t.

You see, Hashem made food with both energy and fiber – to slow down the digestion. Say you eat a piece of whole wheat bread, the energy in the food is slowed down by the bran  -which is harder for the body to digest-  so the food takes longer to digest and therefore keeps you full for a while.

But imagine that exact same piece of bread with white flour substituting the whole wheat. The white flour in it is without anything to hold it back, like a dog without a leash. It flies through your system because the work has already been done by some machine in a flour plant somewhere in the south. So you end up digesting the food quicker and getting hungry faster.

This poses another problem for something in our body called insulin. Whenever food is digested, each piece of energy in the food is matched up with a piece of insulin by Master Matchmaker Pancreas. But when lots of energy is flying through the system because it’s got no fiber, Mr Pancreas cannot produce enough insulin for the amount of energy and he overworks himself and without the insulin, the energy cannot go to its proper destinations to fuel the body. The energy gets stored as fat and doesn’t energize, so you just get hungry again even though you just ate.

If the pancreas, G-d forbid, is worked too hard, the body can develop a problem called diabetes. In which, the body cannot produce enough (or any) insulin and it has to rely on insulin injections.

“V’Achalta V’Savata” — “You should eat and be satisfied.” Hashem created wheat with wheat germ and wheat bran so we should all eat, be satisfied and be healthy. He created everything perfect, Science is finally catching up and is realizing how nature is best. So let’s eat healthy, be satisfied and thank Hashem for the goodness He has created.

‘Till next week,