Hi everyone,

Wow, I haven’t posted for two weeks! Sorry for the absence, things have been crazily busy around here and so I’ve neglected this blog. You should be getting the Winter issue any day now (though depending on where you live it may take up to a month or so to get to you) and I can’t wait to get my copies. The Spring issue is going really well though it’s a little sad because it’s this Editorial Board’s last issue. I can’t wait to choose the new Board, though! The deadline for applications is tomorrow, so we’ve gotten them all now, I believe and are going to be choosing soon. There have been some questions about the notification process, so I’d like to clarify that here:

If you are chosen to be on the Board, you’ll receive notification in the first or second week of January.
If you are not chosen, you’ll receive notification in the first or second week of January.
We will announce the new Board on our website in the second week of January G-d willing.

If you have questions about this (or anything else, for that matter), feel free to comment on this post or e-mail me at emily@yaldahmagazine.com.

As I write, the countdown on the iBelieve website (www.yaldah.com) is at one day, three hours and two minutes. That countdown is for the January raffle. Send in your video as described on the iBelieve website before the countdown ends and you’ll be entered to win a free subscription to YALDAH and have your video featured on the website for the month! Be sure to send in your video. If you don’t have it done for the January raffle, don’t worry there are two more, in February and March.

Talk to you soon,