Hi everyone! I’m home! I’ve been back on this side of the world for almost a month now. I came home a little early for my sisters Bat Mitzvah, and enjoyed seeing all our relatives who were able to make it. Then I got started with cleaning and cooking for Passover! I spent a lot more time in the kitchen than I’m used to, but my laptop came along (see above photo)! Don’t worry, I wasn’t really cooking like that.

Lot’s of exciting things are going on at YALDAH! I’m planning the launch of our first fiction book, One Is Not A Lonely Number, creating a new look for the YALDAH website (you can preview the site under construction here), finishing up all the content for the Summer issue, and launching an online version of YALDAH, which you’ll get an announcement about soon. Another exciting piece of news is that over 600 copies of this issue are in Barnes & Noble stores across the country. Here’s a photo of me at our local store:

You can see which stores YALDAH is available in by clicking here. If your local store isn’t on the list, you can ask them to order the next issue of YALDAH.

Stay tuned for lots more exciting news!