Unity can be shown in many ways both in life and in photography. In life, an example of unity is a group people working together to achieve a common goal. In math, an example of unity is a line that goes on forever with no beginning and no end. In the world/nature unity can be in the found in the form a road, sand, or the ocean which go on forever. These places/things provide us with a means of transportation (a road) or a place to play (the ocean and the sand). Just as locations and biological materials are connected, all of us are interconnected. Since I live in California, not too far from the beach, I decided to show this with photos of the ocean.  A body of water such as the ocean is the result of water molecules dwelling together in a united way. The individual movement of the water molecules in an ocean wave is not as apparent/meaningful as the movement of all of the water molecules together. Similarly, while the actions of one person can make a difference, the actions of many individuals working together is much more impactful.