I see two beautiful silver candlesticks standing on their tray, ready to be lit. I see my siblings and my mother standing near the candles dressed in their beautiful Shabbos clothing. We are ready to light.

My younger sisters lights first, then it is my turn. I hold the long wooden match carefully in my hand.

After my mother lights, we wave our hands three times and say the blessing. I answer “Amen” as the blessing echoes in my ears. I see the flickering flame of the candles stare at me, so I stare back. I hear the sounds of “Shabbat Shalom” as I give my mother a Shabbos hug. I smell the delicious Shabbos food that my mother and I have baked. We set the table with fancy, shiny silverware. After a relaxing hour, my brother and father walk in as we welcome the Shabbos Angels with Shalom Aleichem.


— Anonymous, Age 12, New York, USA