As I strike a match and kindle a flame, I feel a sense of joy. This fire is like any other, yet it stands apart. A fire of any size, be it a raging inferno or a single match, has inside it strength. Strength to destroy that which is weak, a passion to burn what stands in its way. Due to this, people tend to dislike fire; yet each week we create a flame within our homes. Of course, we have a reason. The tiny, dancing wicks help to kindle the flame within each of us, and connect us to Hashem. As we light those flames, we are reminded of all that they represent and of the Shabbos Queen who is so graciously welcomed into our homes each Friday night. Because when the Shabbos neiros are lit, they shine so brightly that the whole world basks in their glory. With a smile on my face, I light two candles and turn to greet the Queen.

—  Devorah Gold, Age 14
Bais Yaakov High School