I wrote this poem for my dear grandfather (he should live long and well) last Autumn as a birthday gift to him, when he turned the page to a beautiful new year, his 80th, of life.


Eighty is such a beautiful number
For both of its figures echo a shared message
They both bespeak unity, an unbreakable link
Infinite circles, an undivided flow

So it is with your love, your patience and care
Your wisdom and morals that you’re constantly transmitting
A sit-down talk, a look in the eye, a childhood memoir or some advice
Make eternal imprints on our souls, lessons of a lifetime

Those are the greatest gifts you’ve given
And we hope, though us, they’ll circle back to you
May it always bring you nachas and cheer
To observe your family echoing your teachings and examples

True it is, a year has passed
But it was one replete with rich experiences, smiles and tears
It was certainly not a year left untilled
But rather sown with precious new seeds

Like the numbers so smooth, without an end
We slip from the past year into a fresh one
Life continues with joy and wonder
But what will tomorrow bring?

May it be a year that’s saturated
With light, love, growth and blessing!