Tissue Box Jewelry Box

by Rachael Hannah Tahir

You will need:

1 empty tissue box
hot glue gun
1/4 yard batting
1/2 yard fabric
square felt


1. Cut empty tissue box top on 3 sides

2. Measure and cut batting to fit (it doesn’t have to be perfect.)

3. Hot glue the batting onto the tissue box and inside the top

4. Add a second layer of batting on top flap.

5. Measure and cut fabric to fit on the outside of the box with a little bit of extra to fold inside.

6. Hot glue fabric to outside of the tissue box then fold extra into the inside of the box.

7. Fold the extra fabric at bottom like wrapping a present

8. Glue felt to the inside (bottom) of the box.

9. With extra fabric, make a loop and attach to top flap.

10. Use excess fabric to cover inside flap.

11. Add a button on the front of the box to close it.