Did you that Velcro is a brand of fabric hook loop fasteners? Others may look the same, but aren’t actually called Velcro. (For this post, I will call it Velcro because that is how it is best known).

Velcro can be used for many things in sewing. Its primary function is to hold two pieces of fabric together. Most often it is used when you want to be able to separate the fabric again, like on a pencil patch or a purse. This is when it is used as a closure. Sometimes, you can use a small piece and use it instead of a button or a snap. You can use a long piece instead of a zipper. It is very easy to put it on. There are three main types: sew-in, stick-on, and iron on. For the sew on, you can sew right over it, which makes it a real advantage on something small like doll clothes, if you are new sewer.Velcro can be used in place of zippers and buttons, which can be difficult due to the metal on the zipper and the challenge in lining up buttons and buttong holes. They are also an advantage if you have trouble seeing the detail to put the zipper in, or if your have problems with hands because it is really easy to open. One last thing is that Velcro comes in different shapes, like circles. The one disadvantage is it doesn’t come in as many colors as zippers or buttons.