Most people have heard of a denim skirt, a cotton skirt or a wool skirt, but have you ever heard of a terry cloth skirt ? Most people think that terry cloth is just for robes, wash cloths and towels, but it is great for other things as well.

Terry cloth (the fabric used for towels) makes a great skirt. First use an a-line skirt pattern (there are instructions in the current issue of Yaldah). Kwik Sew and Simplicity also have pretty good patterns. Be sure to use an elastic waistband and follow the instructions for the skirt. It is a great fabric because it hides many mistakes. The only downsides to terry are that it can be hard to see your stitches and it ravels. To make it easier to see your stitches use a contrasting color thread (normally you wouldn’t do this). To prevent it from raveling use a blanket stitch when you hand sew. If you are using a sewing machine, then you should sew a second seam. You may also choose to use a serger. (This gives a nice finished seam while preventing raveling.

Terry cloth is great to wear to pool, to the beach, to the store or even around the house. A terry cloth skirt can even make good pajamas if you choose a soft terry. It is really comfortable and it’s perfect when you might be getting wet. A thick terry can keep you nice and warm in the winter. Best of all it has a different feel from other fabrics.