When you have a lot of long, lines and you often need to make lines that are perpendicular. So,  you might ask how you make lines perpendicular, and how you make the lines long and straight. There are two tools I use more than any others for this. The first is a yardstick and the second is a t-square. The yard stick is just like its name, 1 yard (o r three feet or 36 inches). The yardstick is long enough that I don’t need to repostition it whenI am drawing a skirt pattern or shirt pattern. (A dress is another story).

The t-square is also like its name. It looks like a T and can be made at home with just a ruler and a yardstick. Lay the yardstick on something flat and position the rulerso that the yardstick covers the center of the ruler so that it forms an upper case T. You could glue this together to make it permanent, but if you are not sure if you will use a t-square a lot or want to be able to use the yardstick separately, just use duct tape or packing tape until the two pieces together. I even used a plastic bag. Now you have your own t-square.