There are several kinds of stuffing, but there are two main things you can use to stuff a quilt. They are called batting and “warm and natural.”


Batting is a fluffy filling. It makes quilts fluffy. You can use it for a quilt. It is not very warm, so you can use it for more of a decorative quilt. It comes in different thicknesses too. Batting can also be used to back an applique on a dress or jacket.

“Warm and Natural” is a thin filling. It isn’t as fluffy as batting. You can use it for warm quilts as you can tell by its name. It washes very  well, so it will always keep you warm. It’s great in cold areas.


For a pillow there is fiberfill. Fiberfill is very fluffy. It is great for stuffing bears and pillows. Basically its great for things that aren’t flat.