CurveHave you ever tried to sew something circular?  Had it look okay until you turned n your project right side out? Have you tired to sew a curve and found that you sewed more of a zig zag than a logical curve?

Well there are two simple solutions. The first is for your well sewed item. If you have sewn a wonderful curve, and then found it looks lumpy when you turn it right side out, it is likely because you didn’t clip the curve. Clip the curve by cutting little snips in the seam allowance near the seam (be careful not to cut the seam). Make sure they are about 1 cm apart. this allows the fabric to overlap so that when you turn your project right side out it lays smoothly.

The second problem is that it is often hard to sew a curve well. The smaller the curve, the harder it is to sew it well. The best advice is to go as slowly as possible. If you have a computerized start and stop, this is very easy because you can move the switch to the slowest setting, but if you are using the foot pedal, then you need to press only gently on the machine. Be sure to practice a few times on scrap fabric. The slower your stitch and the more you practice, the better your curve will look, whether its a stuffed toy, an outfit or anything else.