There are many ways to use safety pins. You may already know that you can use them on quilts, but did you know that you can put one safety pin on each end of elastic to make it easier to thread through a skirt. With two safety pins,, even if the elastic slips, you can find it and re-thread it easily.

You can also use safety pins when you want to put buttons or snaps on a skirt or shirt. You put one safety pin in each place you want them, making sure that it holds the pieces securely. You then use a marking pen to mark each spot and buttons or snaps are lined up perfectly.

You can use safety pins to pin panels in place on a shirt and then the pins don’t scratch or slip when you try on the shirt.

Most importantly, they are great at keeping you from getting scratched and allowing you to see if something is in the right spot before you baste or instead of  basting it which is especially great when you are using terry cloth and the threads blend together. (It is really easy to accidentally pull some of the threads off the fabric out when you are trying to seam rip on terry.)