There are many uses for ribbon and lace. You probably know that you  can use it in your hair or to tie a present, but did you know that you can use it in a card, or you can use it as a decorative thing on a shirt, nightgown, dress or even a skirt. They also sell lace fabric that you can use as a table cloth or head covering.

On a shirt, you can put ribbon at the neckline or hem. Lace and ribbon are great at the neckline, hem or even the sleeve. Lace and ribbon can also be a great spacer between a sleeve and a flounce. Lace and ribbon are perfect at the waistband of a dress. On nightgowns, a little bit of lace makes your nightgown festive.  A little bit of lace at the bottom of your skirt can make it feel dressier or add a light colored lace at the bottom of layers on a layered skirt to make it feel more summery. Where would you add lace or ribbon?

I hope you like this week’s tip. Shanah Tovah and have a great school year too.