My beautiful pictureDid you know? You can make any garment look really nice by adding gathered lace to the bottom or to the sleeves instead of doing a hem? Doing this is extremely easy. Here are the instructions.

First, purchase the amount the pattern your making calls for or you measure each opening that you want to add lase to and add 1 1/2 inches for the seam allowance.

Next, if you are doing a straight piece trim the edge or seam allowance so that it is the same width as the bound edge of the lace (the bound edge is the hem like or thicker part of the lace). Match raw edges of the seam to the bound edge of the lace right sides together, then stitch over the stitching line  that creates the bound edge  of the lace. Then,  you press the seam you just made towards the garment. Top stitch close to the seam, trim the short end of the lace if necessary to fit the garment. Then if there is a long seam complete it.

But, if  you are your putting lace in a circle or  oval because the long seam is finished, sew the short ends of the lace together.  When you are finished, match the seam you just sewed on the lace with the long seam, then follow the other directions above . When you are  finished you an enjoy your new Shabbos outfit or an outfit that has just a little bit of pizazz from adding the lace to it.


Note:  If you want you can make socks that  look cute for little girls but as well great on a cold Shabbos day.