Do you ever think

How can I make this  strap  longer?

Well you can, except if you have an extendable  strap on your purse.

Just make a new strap the size you want.

To make one you will need:

the length of the strap +2 inches and 2 times the width of the strap+ 1inch of fabric that matches the purse

Matching thread


Fabric pen



Now follow these steps:

1.) Cut the old strap off the purse.

2.)With a fabric pen on the fabric create an outline of how you want the strap to be.

3.) Then cut it out and as if you were start to wrap a present fold the long edges of the cut out piece and pin.

4.) Now sew together what you have just pinned take out the pins.

5.) Last sew the strap to the purse cut any hanging threads and enjoy.