Hems are an important part of sewing. They are good for a lot of things, whether you are shortening sleeves or finishing skirts. They help you lengthen the bodice of shirt. The help you make your item look just right. The are also used in making tablecloths, napkins and many other things.

The best way to make a hem is to fold up a the fabric that you want to hem iron this flat, then fold the raw edges into the seam so that if you turn the garment or other item so that you can see the hem, you don’t see the raw edges. Iron this flat and sew with the seam allowances indicated on your pattern.

Hems should be folded towards the inside of your garment or other item, so that people don’t see it when they are looking at it. You can use a sewing machine or you can hand sew your hem.

The best thing about hems is that if you do them right, no one will notice them. The most important thing is to remember to not only pin your hem, but always iron it flat. This will make it smooth on the outside and give you a beautiful finished project.
ENJOY! :-)