Have you ever wondered what  each denim  an be used for and the types that you can find?

Stretch denim is the best for a flowing skirt. It is made with lycra or other stretch materials in addition to the traditional denim material.

Denim – this is traditional denim and comes in many weights from very light (almost like a blouse) to very heavy that is almost like upholstery. Any denim can work for skirts or pants (for boys) and jean’s jackets. What you should choose all depends on what you are making.CAM00044

Heavy denim is good for skirts, boys’ pants and jean jackets, pretty much anything that you wouldn’t want to line or that you want to have more structured. Lighter is good if you want to line your vest or jacket. This is especially good if you live in a cold climate and want a warmer jacket. It is also more flowing.

Stretch denim is good for skirts and legging for under your skirt. It is extremely soft and comfortable.CAM00047

Keep in mind that the needle you should use for denim in a sewing machine is a universal one. The weight of the denim changes the size you will need. When you are sewing on stretch denim, it is best to use a ball point needle like you would use on a knit fabric.