Right now, your garden is probably the last thing on your mind. Well, until you open your mailbox.

Seed catalogs galore begin to arrive in December. It seems a bit early, and I don’t know why they are sent out way before anyone needs them. But here they are. And… it’s never too early to order from them!

If you just want typical plants, you can probably get seeds at any hardware store. Sure, they have all types of plants. But have you ever seen rainbow carrots or watermelon radishes at a hardware store? Well, that’s what a seed catalog is for!

Here is the box we got a few days ago:

seed packets box


This is our order from the Gardens Alive seed catalog, the second one to arrive. This is not our whole order. We also ordered living plants, which would die if we kept them inside over the winter. And the big bags on the bottom are dirt and fertilizer. One of them is blueberry fertilizer, which is especially acidic, since that’s what blueberries like. The other one is worm castings (poop). It’s not as disgusting as it sounds! Really, worms eat dirt and produce better dirt, so it’s a lot like compost. We hope these things will help our garden next year!

Order your seeds and I’ll post again next week!