It feels so strange to be back in New York as my home. I found that I had actually missed dorm life! A concept that is still extremely strange to me is that I have to make an effort to connect with my parents. Thank G-d I have a phone! But even with one, I still have to go out of my way to call them. It is so different than just seeing them all the time. When I call them, it makes all of us happy and connected.

Thinking on more general terms, this is really analogous to our lives. Before we are born, we don’t have to make an effort to connect with G-d, because we are with Him all the time. Then we are sent into the world. It is easy to busy ourselves with everyday things and our material surroundings, but we need to remember to connect with our Father in heaven. Luckily we have a “phone.” G-d provided us with a way of connecting to Him, through prayer, good deeds, and learning Torah. When we “call” Him, we all benefit.

I’ve always wondered why we need to pray to G-d. Doesn’t He know how we feel? But just like my parents know I love them, they still want to hear from me, and so does G-d.

I hope everyone makes meaningful connections and I look forward to sharing more in two weeks!