By Johanna Robinson

Rosh Hashanah, Sukkos, birthdays, special events… there’s always some reason to send cards. Here’s an awesome and fun way to make your own, personalized cards and stamps to decorate them! One good thing about this craft is that you already have most of the materials at home, so pick up some foam and washable markers and stamp away!


  • Washable markers
  •  1-2 foam trays thoroughly washed – produce trays/ takeout containers
  • Empty spray bottle , fine-mist works best
  • Scissors
  • Tacky or hot glue
  • Cards only: Cardstock (regular paper works too, but cardstock makes the cards sturdier and more professional looking.)
  • Stamps only: Pointed object e.g. skewer, toothpick, pen tip
  • Stamps only: small, thin-necked container e.g. empty medicine container, small water bottle


  1. Cut a piece of the foam tray slightly bigger than the front of your card.
  2. Color with light colored markers on the piece of foam, covering the whole surface. Remember that any designs will blurred; random patterns and scribbling work best.
  3. the spray bottle with water.
  4. Hold the spray bottle about one foot away from the colored-on piece of foam, and then lightly spray the foam until the color beads up.
  5. Pick up the foam and press it firmly against the front of the card, transferring the colors.
  6. Lift up the foam to reveal your beautiful card! Note: It might take a few tries to figure out the best amount of water to spray on the foam so it looks just right – but when you do it is sooo worth it!

To spice up your card you can decorate it with handcrafted stamps.


Type 1:

  1. Decide what shape you want to be on your stamp, and draw it on a piece of foam with a marker or pen.
  2. Trace the design with the skewer, pushing hard, engraving the picture.
  3. Cut a square around your design, so that your design is inside the square.


Type 2:

  1. Decide what shape you want your stamp to be,
  1. Draw it on a piece of foam with a marker or pen.
  2. Cut out the shape



For both stamps:

  1. Glue the piece of foam onto the bottom of the container. This is your stamp.
  2. Color on the stamp with washable marker/markers or press onto an ink pad.

You may want to try your stamp on scrap paper to test it. After you do, re-color it and…

  1. Stamp your card!

 Once you’re finished stamping, you can embellish your card with markers, whiteout, sequins, or anything to give it that special flare. Hey – it’s your celebration!