Yep, you heard that right. This week we’ve been balancing working on 3 different issues at the same time.

Here’s some updates on our issues:

The content for the OCTOBER issue is just about done. Just waiting for one or two features, but other than that, we’re ready for graphic design! Yashar kochachem (congratulations) to our fantastic, awesome editorial board on completing their assignments (whether it be writing, photography, illustrations, craft, fun page, fashion, etc.)  on time and for doing such a great job! Also, yasher koach to our fabulous editorial board coordinator, Rebecca Berlin, and submissions editor, Tali Gross for such an awesome job! Looking forward to see the issue in print.

The NOVEMBER issue is almost in full swing. The writers gave in their job choices last week and were assigned their articles this week. This issue has fantastic articles planned and I can’t wait to see the writers spin their magic! Craft page, fashion, recipe, and fun page were also assigned to their respective editorial board members.

Although we usually don’t start the content of two issues simultaneously, after a refreshing summer break, our writers received November and DECEMBER assignments. Hatzlacha rabba (good luck) to all the editorial board members on their articles!

I was going to end my updates here. I was about to write some sort of salutation and sign my name when I realized that after talking about our editorial board, I neglected to mention how you can get involved in the November and December issues.

Here are some features to which you can submit:

  • Yaldah Mailbox
  • Discussion Topic: Study Tips (November) or your Favorite Winter Memory (December)
  • Poets’ Corner
  • Picture It!: Design a Scarf (November) and Create a Menora (December)
  • Your Judaims: Tzeddakah (November) and Davening (December)
  • Questions for MyQuestion
  • Questions for Q&A

…and of course you can always send original artwork, stories, article ideas or articles!

You also have a chance each year to apply for the Editorial Board. Get excited for editorial board applications!

Have a great Shabbos!