Contains: Ashes of Red Calf, Delivered by: Eliyahu HaNavi, Date: Before the Jewish year 6000

Today we are impure and are not able to cleanse ourselves completly from Tuma’as Hameis (becoming inpure from having touching a dead body), as we have no Para Aduma. Yet, what about those amazing people that do ‘meis mitzva’? Hashem always creates the antidote to our problems. One of his many antidotes is Eliyahu HaNavi, who will bring the three bottles someday

  1. One of the bottles will solve that problem – it contains the ashes of the Para Aduma!                                                               The other two bottles are:
  2. The bottle containing the שמן המשחה -(Hebrew: shemen “oil”, ha-mishchah “of anointing”). With this oil Moshiach will be anointed
  3. The bottle containing the Mon (Manna) that Moshe stored as a remembrance to the Bnai Yisroel of the fact that Hashem nourished them for 40 years in the Midbar!

Next Weeks Question: What were the 10 things that Hashem created at twilight on the eve of the first Shabbos?

Source: The Little Midrash Says:  The Book of Bamidbar