Hey everyone!

Happy Chanukah!

So it’s Chanukah. Chanukah is one week out of the entire year and there are tons of songs out there about it. Pretty cool, huh? Who remembers Miami’s album? I do not know how old it is but it’s still playing. What about Shaindel Antelis’ Miracles? YBC’s album, anyone? Thank G-d, my Daddy’s home, my bubby makes great latkes and these are the nights. So I don’t have much in common with that CD. But if your Bubby, like Eli Gerstner’s, burns the latkes, you might want to fry your own. Listen, I baked donuts Sunday, so I know what frying’s like. It could be a bit on the dangerous side, so as my mother always says “Safety First”. If, G-d forbid, you do get burn yourself. Stay cool, here’s what you do:

First Degree: The skin is usually red, there might be swelling and it can be painful.

Second Degree: Blisters develop, skin takes on an intensely reddened, splotchy appearance, there is severe pain and swelling. (As long as its diameter is not longer than three inches, treat it as a minor burn.)

So here’s how to treat a minor burn (

Cool it. But don’t use ice. That’s a major no-no. Instead, run your burn under cool water (or in a cool bucket) for 15 minutes or until the pain goes down.

Aloha Vera! Meet Aloe Vera (or Calendula gel – works like magic as well) , it is the #1 thing I put on whenever I burn myself. It’s literally magic! It cools it down like crazy. I remember when I spilled boiling tea on myself (I didn’t touch tea for a year afterwards) it was the only thing that lessened the pain.

Bandage it. Cover in a sterile gauze bandage. Just make sure it’s not a fabric whose lint will stick to you (like fluffy cotton). Bandaging sure helps reduce the pain and protect the burned area.

Don’t break it. A blister, as my mother says, is ‘G-d’s bandage’. So don’t mess. Bursting it may lead to infection, which none of us want.

(For a 3rd degree burn, Heaven forbid, immediately call 911)

Hope I didn’t scare you. Latkes are fun (I’m going to make them now) and you should definitely try it. Just, safety first. The only downside of latkes, in my opinion, is that they’re calorie-loaded. But hey, it’s Chanukah, it’s a Mitzvah and my diet begins next week (but my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah is days away – yikes!) . So who’s counting?

Well, enjoy your latkes or donuts but try not to burn them ;)

Happy Chanukah!