I can not believe that I am the first one to post about this.

Doesn’t the picture speak for itself? The YALDAH Year is here!! Mazel Tov to YALDAH! We graduated from just a magazine to a magazine + a book! Wahoa!
Anyway, I don’t know about anyone else, but I think this is very exciting news. Today is Sunday; my family received our copy of The YALDAH Year on Thursday. Friday, I brought it to school and my class passed it around (shhh…) during class, and everyone loved it. Remember that I’m in 11th grade.
So I think that’s really cool. I’m listening to Lipa Schmeltzer’s Halelu on his album “A Poshiter Yid”.
Gotta go eat supper because it smells really good and I have to finish my homework before I go out to the grocery store with my father. Now, the reason I’m going is so I can drive there. You see, I’ll tell you a secret. (Seriously, not many of my friends know this.) My road test is scheduled to be within the next month, and I’m finishing up my driving hours. My last behind-the-wheel with my instructor was today. I’m sooo excited! So you can daven for me.
Anyway, as I mentioned, gonna go eat supper.
Layla Tov (good night),