What is the world’s life long dream

For some people it might be getting ice cream

Or for some people it might be relaxing at the beach

And for some other people it might be making a speech

The lifelong dream of me

Should I tell you what it is

We all want moshiach to come

In less than one day

And do you know what yom tov is coming up

That’s right, it’s sukkos

We go into Hashem’s warm embrace

Which is the Sukkah and schach, reminds us of the ananei hakavod

Imagine this second, in our sukkah during sukkus

We will land in yerushalayim

And we will be gathered will all of the yidden 

Have a sukkus meal together, in the skin of the livyososn

Also with the Rebbe, Moshiach and Hashem

And they should come this second, Amen!