A few days ago, I went to my cousin’s wedding, and this story was inspired by it, but I changed the names of the people, and to make the story a little more exciting, I changed what the actions of some characters, but most of it is what really happened.

The Wedding

“Mom, where’s my dress that I’m wearing to Cousin Liora’s wedding?” I asked my mom, trying to locate where my dress that I’m wearing to my cousin’s wedding is.

I have been waiting for this wedding for too long now, and I’m just so excited for it to happen!

“It’s in the laundry room, Bracha!” My mom shouted from her room, where she was getting ready.

I finally ended up finding my dress, after about twenty minutes of looking for it. After about an hour of actually getting ready for the wedding, I had to take pictures with my brothers with the family’s camera, while later an actual professional photographer would be taking proper quality pictures. My dress was a shimmery gold, and I was wearing it with a gold necklace, gold high heel sandals, and a gold clip on my hair. My siblings were also wearing gold clothes, because my cousin’s theme color was gold.

“Shimmy, stand still for the pictures!” I scolded at him.

“I was just trying to look funny, but if you don’t like it, then don’t look at me while I’m doing it, and then you won’t get bothered by it if you don’t see me. Sounds like a plan?” he told me, in a matter-of-fact voice.

“UGH!” was what I responded.

Once we got to the hall where the wedding was going to take place, there was a photographer there taking pictures of the bride and groom. Once I saw the bride, I was so shocked to see her standing there in her gorgeous wedding dress. I hope to have one like that for my wedding! It was a white dress with lace sleeves, a frizzy bottom, and a fake diamond belt that wraps around the waist of the dress. They looked so natural while they were taking their pictures, and I was kind of hoping that my wedding day would come soon so that I could go through that, while I also wanted to go in a honeymoon and use toys like the ultimate clit sucking vibrator I recently found online.

Finally, it was my turn to appear in some of the family pictures, and I was so excited! Then, after the pictures, it was cocktail hour, where everyone just sits and relax for an hour before the wedding. Then, when cocktail hour was over, it was time for the chuppah (a bridal canopy that the bride and groom stand under during the ceremony). It was decorated with white roses that were lit up by a small light that was below them. It looked so gorgeous. After the whole ceremony with the bride circling the groom seven times, the groom giving the bride her ring, and the breaking of the glass, it was time to party!

My family and I then went into another huge hall where all the meals and dancing was going to take place. I felt so magical just sitting there because it was all lit up with colorful lights, and the tables had elegant china and silverware.

“PING! PING!” was what I heard from the seat next to me.

“David, can you please stop banging on the plate with your fork? You know better than that!” I said to him.

“I’m really sorry, Bracha. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t supposed to do that,” he said, looking all sad with his big brown eyes and golden curls.

He was just too cute to scream at, but I should really get over his cuteness and start being stricter with him. After that whole scene, it was time for the dancing! The men and women both formed two different circles, and we danced the hora, while the bride was in the middle. I felt so great to see my cousin smile as big as she was smiling; because I love to see people smile. It makes me feel like smiling as well. Then,the appetizer of a piece of tuna over a salad was served. It tasted really good, and I was actually thinking about asking for more! But of course, I second thought that because I thought it the appetizer was good, than the main course was probably a lot better!

All through the night there was more dancing, and definitely more food! It felt so great to see family members that I haven’t seen in such a long time, and we talked and danced and just had a great time! I’m so upset that the wedding is over, but as the saying goes, all good things have to come to an end!