Leah told Chedva what she saw.
“Shosh was buying an “8 ball”! Do you know what that is?” “Yes those pool balls that predict the future.” replied Chedva, “Well, as soon as she was outside she asks it a question.”
Chedva gasped, “HaShem says you aren’t supposed to get involved with witchcraft and fortune telling!”
“If Rina is telling the truth, then she really must be under the influence of the Evil One.” stated Leah.
“Thanks for the info, Leah. TTYL.” Chedva waved bye.

Chedva met Eliana the Guardian Angel on the way home from school because, Eliana was coming to her house. They were going to discuss the clues they had so far. Eliana made herself visible, so she could meet Chedva’s mom.

“Hey Mom! My friend is here!” Chedva called, “Come in the kitchen! I want you to meet my friend from work.” her mom replied. Chedva and Eliana came in the kitchen, and met Chedva’s mother’s friend.
“Nice to meet you!” Eliana greeted Danielle, Chedva’s mother. Danielle introduced Chedva and Eliana to Mrs.Levine. “It’s so nice to meet you girls. My daughter Shosh goes to your school. Do you know her?”
Chedva hesitated, “Y- yes…”
Eliana nudged her, and said, “Maybe your family could come to the synagogue with us this Shabbat!”
“Oh! What a good idea!” exclaimed Mrs.Levine, “We have been looking for a synagogue to go to, but have not really been successful. I have to go now, Shosh is still waiting for me at school. See you all on the Shabbat!