As we approach Shavuot, the time where Am Yisroal were as one, I would actually like to talk about the power of an individual.

Think about the impact people have had on our world. Hitler, יימחק שמו מעולם, left an impact that will never be forgotten. Or what about Bilam, who brought gambling to the world? Maybe you would prefer to recall the story of Kamsa and Bar Kamsa? If not for the servant’s mistake, the story would have never happened. If not for the host’s temper, Bar Kamsa would not have been humiliated. If the Rabbanim at the feast had stood up for him, he never would have vowed revenge. If the lesser-known Rabbi Zecharia ben Avkolos had brought the Korban anyway, we would not be in galut today.

Or what about some more positive examples? If not for the bravery of Nachshon ben Aminadav, we would never have crossed the yam suf! If not for Moshe, who endured all to be a leader, rather than live in luxury, we would not be ‘Am Yisroal!’

If not for Noach’s faith in the words of H’, his belief that 120 years of work were ‘worth it’, humankind would have been eradicated.

What about Avraham? He followed a G-d he didn’t know, against his whole family, to wander the world as a homeless migrant. Think of all the merits he now has, from his 13.4 million children. Think of the power he has from his simple action. לך לך, and so he did. He went for himself, and we all followed.

Or Yitzchak, who became good even under Yishmael’s example. Or the Lubavitcher Rebbi. Or the Chofetz Chaim. Or countless others who affected, by their actions, all of the world. No one lives in a vacuum. What we do affects everyone else.

Have you ever wondered about the saying “Every blade of grass has a malach watching over it, telling it ‘Grow. Grow!’” Why? We wouldn’t notice if one blade of grass ‘decided’ to stop growing. What about if ten blades of grass ‘followed’ it’s example? Would we notice? Probably not, not in a field the size of backyard, or bigger.

But if every single blade of grass ‘said’ “Why do I matter? I’m just one of these many blades of grass. No one cares about me! Let me just give up.” We would have a dry, brown field.

Not everyone gets a chance to be an individual like the ones above. But by being an individual, by being the very best we can be, we help support the fabric of Am Yisroal, as though we were all one. We all have to keep going, an individual effort for mass results.

If there is a malach for every piece of grass, think about how many malachim are standing over us this moment, urging us ‘Grow! Grow!’