Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but here is a REAL Never Ending Story. This is a story that happened to my family I have been waiting to share it with everyone but have not had time. Hope you enjoy! I will post the story in parts and in the comments below you can predict what you think happened next.

About six years ago, our electricity went out. Okay, big deal our electricity went out. NO! It is a huge deal! It was summer time in Houston and you know what that means, the air conditioning does not work if you have no electricity! It was around 98 degrees Fahrenheit! Very very hot. It was on Shabbbos, so we could not call Center Point Energy.  Instead, we went to a non-Jewish neighbor’s house, explained to them what happened, and asked them if they can help. (It is a halacha to not tell a goy (non-Jew) straight out to do muktzah/violate the Shabbos.)

The neighbors ended up calling Center Point Energy for us, and they said they were going to come. When they got to our house the guy from Center Point Energy said, “Hi, I am here to fix your energy, I will be right back, I just have to go across the street to tell them that I am here.” My father answered, “Please don’t bother my neighbor, it is my Sabbath, so I could not call your company. The man answered casually, “Oh, It is my Sabbath, too.”

To Be continued next post.

Yaldah 2014 Editorial Board

P.S. – Please comment if you like the story so far…. Hopefully I will post more often to finish off the story before camp.