“I hate to brag, but I must say that this batch of cookies we made smell delicious,” Itanit said, whiffing our double chocolate cookies. I grabbed two.

“They are really warm and melty-in-your-mouth.”

“How do they look?” she asked.

“They look crispy, yet not too burnt.”

It was sometimes hard having a blind friend. You can never go to museums or watch videos. You always have to hold her hand and take care of her, and we have to always be at her house because she doesn’t know my house so well. I met her when I sprained my leg and was in the waiting room. After having a conversation with her, I figured out she lived two blocks away from me, and that’s how our friendship started.

It could be really fun having her as a friend, like when we go on walks together. But sometimes I am in a mood to do something really badly, like a watch a new video, but when I’m with her I can’t. Once we scheduled to go out to eat, but she had an eye-doctors appointment and forgot to tell me. I was so mad, but I soon realized that I was being super-silly; she was more upset than I was that we couldn’t go! Besides, what could she have done to prevent it?

Itanit had showed me to be grateful for everything. Not by rubbing it in how hard it must be for her, but showing me how lucky I am. I always wonder how hard it must be for her; she doesn’t even know what I look like! She never even saw herself or her parents. She never saw her gorgeous blonde curls or her pretty face. Yet, she smiles and is the most cheerful girl I ever saw.

I am so lucky to have a friend like Itanit. Even if it means we can’t go shopping or watch videos, her values and personality are worth so much more than that. Besides, she is so much fun! We love to do baking together, especially cookies, like the ones we made today. I cannot be more grateful for Itanit to except me as a friend.

“Perfect. I think we have enough to share with Mrs. Bergen who moved across the street to have as well,” There goes Itanit, always thinking about others.


The lesson to this story is that even if people are slightly different from you, you should always be nice, and friendly to that person. Even though the kids might be different, they still have feelings, and they’re also still kids.