uFish symbolizes this month’s message to us.

You swim in schools and swim through seaweed and beautiful coral reefs. You are careful to avoid the sharks.
Do you realize that you are only alive because of the water surrounding you?

The water is clear and invisible.
“What is water?” you ask.
A wise fish answers your query:
Water is that invisible force that moves you when you are swimming. It is that invisible substance you inhale through your gills.

Did you ever stop to think about what’s in your body?

What keeps you alive and splashing?”
Suddenly it’s clear to you.

All this time, you were sidetracked by looking at all the colorful creatures in the ocean, but you did not realize there is something invisible that gives you life and connects you to all the other creatures in the ocean.

Kabballah teaches that “The souls of Israel are likened to fish that swim in the waters of the Torah.”
We swim around every day in our schools, doing our thing, pretending that the ocean’s water doesn’t surround us at every moment of every day. Like fish, our souls need the waters of Torah that give us our life and vitality. We can be sidetracked by all the colors and worldly beauty around us. The water may be invisible, but without it we would not exist. So, too, the secret of our existence is our Torah that gives us life.

Q: Can you compare your life to the life of a fish?

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