Little Moshe in the basket floating in the Nile                                    

Grew up in the palace as Batya’s adopted child

Was chosen to be the leader among the Jews

It’s been a long journey through sorrowful blues  

It hurt as bad as a big, black, splotchy bruise

We tried to fight Pharaoh and his people

Because the Egyptians were stubborn like awful old townspeople

Hashem heard Moshe’s prayer

So Hashem made it very clear and fair                                 

“Because you didn’t listen you will receive

Punishment as harsh as the dark sea                                                

From blood to itching to burning, and death to be                                                    

Death of the firstborn coming your way, you will see                       

Watch out Bnei Yisrael, and get in your houses so you’ll be safe today  

Lock your doors and move away

Paint blood on the doorpost and you will see

That Hashem is watching over you and me”                                                    

We will be okay now, you and I                                         

We’re a nation that can conquer anything if we try

Hashem split the Yam Suf like an axe a fruit tree

And the Egyptians drowned in the stormy sea

The Bnei Yisrael were led to a land of milk and honey

Filled with so many riches and money

There the spies were sent into this beautiful land

With the biggest and most delicious fruits, bigger than a hand

The size of a giant, from near and far

With apples, pomegranates and grapes even bigger than a car  

Although spies that were sent beyond the star

Sinned and spoke negatively about the land                                                       

Yehoshua and Caleiv were as tough as the sand

Even though Korach and his group tried to cause a lot trouble

Hashem opened the earth and swallowed them like bubbles

Even though we’re a nation that’s had hardships

We always fought our enemies back and guarded as guard ships   

Throughout the years Moshe led us, leaving Mitzrayim

Finally arriving in Israel we all danced, sang and said L’chaim

Like Miriam who led the women with their tambourines                                              

On Pesach as we remember the Exodus we recline and lean                                         

I’m so grateful for Eretz Yisrael, our land, our home

We’re here and finally now home