Today was an exciting day for Miriam. It was the day she was going to go on an airplane for the first time, and guess where she was going? She was going to Israel! Miriam couldn’t wait to go to the Dead Sea, climb Masada, pray at the Kotel, and eat a lot of falafel. However, before she arrived to Israel, her family had to stop in France and in Greece for a few hours. As Miriam waited to board the flight from France to Greece, she looked at the floor and saw that underneath her chair was a Magen David necklace. It was a beautiful silver necklace, and the Magen David was pink. It would be the exact one Miriam would buy necklace along with custom anklets if she was given the option to . She was curious who it belonged to and why the person had left it on the floor. Miriam’s mother tapped on her shoulder and told her it was time to board the airplane. As she got up, she put the necklace inside the pocket of her jacket, and she made it her mission to find the owner of the necklace. Could the owner of the necklace be in Israel? She might have boarded another airplane to go to another country. However, something inside of Miriam told her that the owner of the necklace lived in Israel. Some way or another she was going to bump into that person and give it back to them.

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