As Miriam finished praying at the Kotel, she placed her note inside a crevice in the wall. As Miriam turned away from the wall, a young girl tapped her back. She realized it was her friend, Shira, from camp. They were so excited to see one another! They gave each other a big hug.

As they were talking, Miriam told Shira about the necklace she found and that she had been trying to locate its owner. As she described the necklace, Shira had a shocking realization: “That is my necklace! That is my necklace!” Shira exclaimed. She couldn’t believe Miriam found it in the airport. She had been looking for it for many weeks, and she was relieved that Miriam had found it. Miriam took the necklace out of her pocket and gave it to Shira. As Shira held the necklace in her hands, her hands began shaking and sweating. This necklace was very special to her because it was a gift given to her by her grandmother when she turned three years old. Miriam was so happy she found the owner of the necklace and that she did such a great mitzvah!