Miriam finally arrived in Israel after a long flight. She was super excited because it was her first time in Israel. However, she was still upset because she didn’t know who the Magen David necklace belonged to. Miriam’s parents had always taught her to return lost objects, and she was eager to do so. Miriam had a fun first week in Israel; she went to the Dead Sea, Masada, the tunnels of David, and the Kotel.

When she went to the Kotel, she wrote a note. The note asked Hashem to please help her find the owner of the necklace. Miriam was amazed by the beauty of the Kotel, and she couldn’t believe it was part of the Beit Hamigdash. Miriam was upset when her parents said it was time to return to their faraway hotel, as  she wanted to stay longer. Something inside of Miriam told her that the owner of the necklace was at the Kotel at that exact minute.


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