Megillas Esther may be one of the shorter megillos but it contains the longest word in the Tanach. Do you know what that word is?

והאחשדרפנים (Veha’achashdarpenim) – and satraps

What does satraps mean? It seems that it referred to the governors of the provinces in the times of Megillas Esther, although I could easily be mistaken. (The second longest word is from Sefer Shemos Perek 7, Posuk 28 (chaper 7, verse 28)– Uvimisharosecha.).

The shortest word in Tanach is more of a letter than a word. It is הַ.You can find it in Sefer Devarim (Deuteronomy) 32:6. There is a Masoretic notes in most Chumashim that read “Hey rabasi, v’hee teiva l’atzma” – “large hey, and it is a word unto itself”.  So I guess it does count as the longest word!

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Source for above article: Second longest word and shortest word

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