Well, I know I didn’t get 10 votes yet, but I decided to do a story blog anyway. So, here’s a story I hope you’ll enjoy. Tell me what you think and what kind of stories you want me to do in the comments below. Some stories might be long, so I’ll do them in parts.

The Little Raindrop

I hugged Mama tighter as the wind began to howl. It was colder than usual, but my purple sweater from Grandma was no where to be found. 

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Mama whispered. “I’m going with you.”

Hand in hand, we walked to the edge of town. We walked silently, shivering as we glanced at the black ball hovering above us. Many of my friends were gathered there, and we waited together for our turn to come. And then came the thunder. I buried my face in Mama’s skirt as the loud thunder shook the town. Lightning glared at us. I was scared.

As our turn grew closer with each roar of thunder, I started backing away from the shortening line. 

“Mama,” I whimpered.”I’m scared.”

“You’ll be find,” she reassured me, pulling me back into place. 

Suddenly, I was there. It was my turn. 

“Go,” Mama whispered. “Jump!”

I took a deep breath, hugged Mama and with one last glance at my town, I jumped. I flew past many of my friends who were waving of me.

I fell through the night, and landed on a big tent-like thing. I slid down, and rolled down the concrete sidewalk. 

“Ouch!” I yelled as a big yellow thing slammed down on me. It dragged me down a few blocks, and into a house.

But that was okay. It wasn’t THAT bad. And, at the end of the day, I am a raindrop!