Once upon a time there lived a girl whose name was Raizel’le.  She always lit her Shabbos candles with her mother.  Then a war broke out.  Raizel’le was sent to live in an orphanage for safety.  But the matron taught her to be a non-Jew.  Soon Raizel’le stopped doing the mitzvos, including lighting Shabbos candles.  One day Raizel’le was looking out her window, and saw a family lighting Shabbos candles at the window.  It reminded her of lighting Shabbos candles at home.  And that she, Raizel’le, was a Jew!  One Friday night, Raizel’le’s mother came looking for her.  She saw the candles in the orphanage window.  After inquiring after them, she found Raizel’le, and brought her back to her family.  Because of Shabbos candles, she found her way home!
—  Devorah Leah Mandel, Age 8
Gan Yisroel School
New York, USA