First read the left, then read left and right together

I don’t like


We always fight,

There’s nothing to do and

With my electronics away,

Shabbos is a boring day

If you want my opinion, Shabbos

Would be more fun than ever. If

You could do a lot more stuff,

The light of Shabbos,

Just give it a break

“It’s just a little candle in a big dark world”

doesn’t make a big effect

When there’s no


Without the sShabbos light

you can’t see a thing.

There’s actually time for play.

if you’re wasting your time on your iphone.

With your friend,

you’re with your family

Like talk at the meal, play games and have fun

Brings calmness and tranquility

People think

But we all know, that one little candle

It makes a huge, tremendous effect!

By: Chaya tauber