Dear Jewish Girls Unite,

My name is Oria Appel and I live in California and go to the Jewish school Emek Hebrew Academy.

Even though I live so far away from Eretz Yisroel I still have the strong connection like I am there. Being surrounded by Non-Jews, makes it even more important to me to keep the mitzvos. I also think it should be the most important thing to every Jew, shouldn’t it?

I can see myself carrying on Sarah’s ways of chesed and mitzvos by keeping the mitzvos and going by the ways of the Torah, and if we all go by the ways of the Torah and keep the mitzvos we can all make Mashiach come sooner.

When I grow up I want to be just like Sarah, and maybe when I grow older, you will still be able to see the flame in my Shabbos candles, every Shabbos. I can also carry on Sarah’s ways by teaching other people how to go by the ways of the Torah and how to keep the mitzvos.

I wish us all to be stronger in the mitzvos and a year of chesed.

Oria Appel


— Oria AppelEmek Hebrew AcademyLos Angeles, California, USA