The Hospital Visit

Why?  Why me? Out of all of the people in the world, why me? Why does it have to be me? And… why now? Isn’t my life hard enough? How much more? How much pain is it fair to inflict on someone? None.

Hanna Smith sat, staring at the plain, cold blue walls of the hospital waiting room as all of these thoughts raced through her head. It was a wonder that she could think at all in the chaos usually found in the  hospital.  Crying babies, talking doctors, the nurses’ loud laughs and most obviously, the sound that she couldn’t get out of her head… the loud, unberable sounds of the beeping machines. Continuously… It didn’t stop. Every second of every minute of every hour.. 24/7. Tears began to fall but she didn’t care. No, not at all. She didn’t care who saw her,The ‘popular’ girls. No one

Just then, a rather peculiar, strange looking woman come over to Hanna. “Are you ok there doll?” The lady asked in a high pitched, squeaky voice. “ Yes I am fine” replied Hanna rather decisivly. “ Ok then deary! Toodles!” Hanna breathed a sigh of relief.

A nurse wearing a long white doctors coat stepped into the waiting room. “Hanna Smith? Hanna Smith?’ Hanna froze temporaraly. “Oh um… Yes??? I…I…I’m here” She replied finally. “The doctor would like to see you please. Follow me please darling” The nurse replied with love in her voice.

The doctors office, Plain and simple. It felt empty even though it wasn’t. It was actually comfortable and beautiful. The walls were a carnation colored pink with silver painted skirting boards. The chairs were nice soft black ones with cusions to match the walls. The carpet was a plush white. The doctor’s desk was a beautiful oak one. It wasn’t to cluttered for that matter either. It was nice and warm. The room smelt like fresh, hot chocolate chip cookies.

The doctor was silent. Hanna gathered all of her courage. “ What is going to happen? Is Rose ok? I can’t loose her too. Not my beloved, only Rose. No! It’s not happening! It can’t! She has to be ok! I need her. She is all I have! She cant die now. She just can’t.” Hanna was sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. “Hanna,” The doctor was finally speaking. “ Would you like to talk to Rose?” Hanna didn’t have enough strength. Wordlessly she agreed.

The doctor stood and took her hand. Together, they walked silently down the corridors. Hanna’s heart was pounding, head drumming. She was shaking from all of the tension.  They entered a room. It was dark, dimly lit. The only light in the room was from the edges of the curtains which were slightly ajar. Then… She saw her. Her Rose! Her beloved Rose!

The doctor silently crossed the room and checked the monitors. “Hanna. Please come and sit over here,” The doctor said suddenly. “Rose will be awake soon… but I want to know something… Why… Why do you love Rose so much that you stayed at the hospital for so long?’’ The doctor asked curiously. “ Ummm well… She is all I have… I mean… Ever since my mother and father died in a car crash 6 years ago I have been so close to her. I would expect her to be there for me if it was me in hospital… I need her,” Hanna replied with great emotion. The doctor seemed satisfied with that answer and left.

“Hanna? Are you there?” Hanna froze suddenly. “Rose? Is that you?”  “ Hanna!” The two sisters were overcome with happiness and emotion. They spoke for a few hours together. They talked and talked and talked. Hanna went back to school and Rose stayed in the hospital for a few weeks. Every day after school Hanna would go to the hospital to visit Rose. Each day Rose’s condition got better and better. Soon, Rose was better and the sisters went on with their lives. Hanna finished school, went to university, got married to a loving, kind young man and went on to get a job to be a doctors sectary- For that same doctor that saved Rose. Rose finished school, got a teaching degree, got married to a lovely happy young man and became a music teacher. Until this very day, they are both still best friends. From this we can learn that life can be hard but the only way we can go through the obstacle course called life is with a friend.  Everyone needs a friend to help them. Care for everyone, no matter who they are!