Of a special woman’s life, you’ll now get a tour;
Just come and step in, right through the wide open door!
Sarah Imeinu is an example for us all;
Her incredible Middos are known far and wide, in cities big and small:
Positivity, joy, and faith, are only a few;
Perseverance, hope, and care, she had, too.
Her name, Sarah, means princess, and she definitely lived up to her name;
She was very regal, and declined all fame.
We’ll start the tour, right now, right here;
When Sarai was born to her parents as a darling, sweet baby, dear.
When Sarai was of marriageable age,
She married Avram, a Tzaddik of great fame.
Soon after they got married, Hashem commanded Avram, ”Lech Lecha – Go!”
He obeyed, of course, with his wife, students, and Lot in tow.
Upon arriving in Canaan, a dreadful sight met their eyes:
There was a hunger in the land, and the news was met by many sighs.
So, down they went to Egypt, the land where Pharoh ruled;
For at least there they were able to acquire some food.
Right before arriving at the Egyptian border,
Avram told his wife, ”Please, say that you’re my sister!”
He then hid her in a box, so sturdy and strong,
Because he didn’t want Sarai to be kidnapped, which would be very wrong.
But the soldiers found Sarai, and they were charmed by her beauty;
”This will make a perfect gift for the king!” cried the chief deputy.
”Please, don’t separate me from my brother!” pleaded Sarai, making sure to mention their relationship-in-disguise.
Avram pleaded with the soldiers too, but they both didn’t find any favor in their eyes.
Sarai was dragged to the palace, where she was treated the very best;
But, thankfully, she wasn’t there for long, because Hashem made Pharoh not have much zest.
Hashem sent a Malach to hit Pharoh with hard blows and scratchy itches,
Which made Pharoh send Sarai and Avram away with many riches.
When Sarai was eighty-nine, Avram had a Bris Milah;
And Sarai’s name was changed to Sarah, and Avram’s name changed to Avraham.
After Avraham had his Bris Milah, on day three,
The pain hurt the most then, as you can see.
Hashem didn’t want him to have any guests, to keep him busy;
So, He sent a heat wave, so he could relax and not get dizzy.
But, for the Mitzva of Hachnosas Orchim, Avraham had so much love;
So Hashem sent three Malachim to visit Avraham from up above.
Avraham served the Malachim plenty of delicious delicacies and foods;
Serving guests sure put Avraham in a good mood!
Then, one Malach asked Avraham in a voice loud and clear,
”איה שרה אשתך- Why isn’t your wife Sarah here?”
Avraham said, ”She is in the tent, sitting Tzniusdik (modestly) too.”
The Malach replied, ”Well, I’ve got some good news for you.
Hashem decided to accept your Tefilos, and you will soon be the happy parents of a sweet child!”
When Sarah heard the news, she started laughing, like wild.
A year later, when Sarah was the age of ninety, she gave birth to a son;
The happy couple chose the name, יצחק-laughter, for their precious little one.
Not long after, there was yet another hunger in the land;
So Avraham and Sarah decided to go to Grar, hoping that the Plishtim there would lend them a helping hand.
The king in Grar was Avimelech, who kidnapped Sarah right away;
But, of course, Hashem sent His Malach to save the day.
He sent a Malach to Avimelech to hurt him whenever to Sarah he got too close to;
And he eventually gave her up, completely lost, not knowing what to do.
Awhile after returning back to Canaan, Hashem told Avraham something in secret:
”Go and sacrifice your son, Yitzchak, even if people are going to think that you’re a hypocrite.”
Avraham, of course, listened right away;
He saddled a donkey and told Yitzchak, ”We must bring a Korban to Hashem now, without delay.”
Sarah did not know about anything that was flying;
So, when the Satan lied to her that Avraham killed Yitzchak, she died from shock, after much sobbing and crying.
The age that she died at was one hundred twenty seven years;
When her husband and son heard about her death, they burst into tears.
The three special things that happened during Sarah’s life, now went away;
They are the three things that I am about to say:
1. Sarah’s Challos stayed fresh and never got old.
2. A cloud of Shechinah rested over her tent, her home.
3. Sarah’s Shabbos candles stayed lit from week to week;
They stayed glowing the whole time, and only on Erev Shabbos did it leak.
I really hope you enjoyed the tour;
Now, please let me escort you out the door.

— Tzivia OsdobaBnos Menachem
Brooklyn, New York, USA